The Big Picture

“The Big Picture” gives a quick overview of what Qualco Energy is all about: preserving working farms close to urban areas, recycling wastes and reducing pollution, generating renewable energy, and changing the way we do business with each other in order to find sustainable solutions for the future.


“Origins” tells the story of how and why Qualco Energy came into being – how a friendship between an environmentalist and a farmer resulted in a successful salmon restoration project, and led to an historic collaboration between farmers and Indian tribes to build an anaerobic digester.

How It Works

“How It Works” follows Qualco Systems Manager Andy Werkhoven of Werkhoven Dairy and Washington State University Nutrient Management Specialist Joe Harrison as they lead us through an explanation of each step of the Qualco Energy process.

Benefits In

“Benefits”, Qualco Energy board members and associates explain the multiple ways that the anaerobic digestion process, as implemented through Qualco’s innovative system, enhances the sustainability of both natural ecosystems and the human community.